Are your operations based in Canada and focusing on development that is experimental or research that is scientific? The assumption is that you benefit from Tax Incentives provided by the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR`& ED). It is exclusive support from the Canadian Government to encourage research and development initiatives by individuals, partnerships, and corporations. 

The SR& ED tax incentive benefits research and development processes that yield outcomes, substance, procedures, and enhanced appliances or innovations. The income tax Act Subsection 248(1) outlines the specifics. The research and Development part of the SE & RD determines whether your work is compliant to benefit from the tax incentive. 

Your research and development expenditures will attract the SR & ED tax incentive in addition to the investment tax credit. These benefits reduce the tax bill. The different locations in Canada may also provide their unique taxation credits labeled as investment taxation credits. 

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has stipulated the expenditures that qualify for SR & ED in its bulletin IT-151-R4. To apply for SR & ED, you are required to complete form T661. In case you engage consultants for your research and development project, they are eligible for credits of up to eighty percent of their invoice. To process your claim to determine whether you qualify for SR & ED, the CRA uses the Self-Assessment and Learning Tool (SALT). 

Purpose of availing your claim not later than eighteen months after the end of your financial period. It is advisable to attach your annual tax returns. If you complete the claim appropriately, expect the refund within sixty days. During this period, your request is subject to a financial and technical assessment. A review of your business measures against the threshold stipulated for SRED and whether the expenses are eligible. 

The financial and technical assessment serves the role of audit. During this process, be available to provide clarifications to convince the audit team of validity. Some of the audit queries relate to the techniques you have undertaken during research and development. Other query concerns could be about the expenditure incurred to support the process. It qualifies as contemporaneous documentation. 

The technical members of the audit team go to great length to analyze your application. It is a rigorous process. SE & RD is an attractive incentive and draws many controversies concentrated on interpreting the research and development part. The Canadian Government takes time to review to meet the legal threshold and leave no one behind. 

Unforeseen urgent financial needs arise in your business.  It will entail a record of previous successfully SR & ED applications; private and public financial institutions are willing to advance you the emergency funds as you await CRA’s payment. 

Overall the SE & RD tax incentive is a hanging fruit you can access. Arm yourself with the application form.  Qualifies include academic and pure business. The audit team undertakes the due diligence and grants you an opportunity to provide all the required documentation. They are thorough, and within sixty days, you will receive feedback. Be prepared for three scenarios: these are rejection, partial approval, or full approval. You have everything to gain in this process.  Go for it!   

Typically, business owners are required to set aside some time for social media marketing – normally less than 6 hours a week- in order to build business recognition, sales and increased traffic flow of clients. There are many benefits that are enjoyed from specializing in digital strategy from developing creative design. Social media is a preferred aspect for the days marketing approaches since it is cost effective. Briefly, social media marketing is an important factor when it comes to making since it is able to influence business growth rapidly. Here are some of the common benefits that are enjoyed from using social media as a tool of marketing for a business.  

Increased brand awareness 

Typically, social media has emerged to be the best and cost-efficient marketing approaches that are used to popularize business to the public and improve business visibility. Investing or rather, specializing in digital strategy marketing helps in increasing awareness of the brand towards the audience and consumers. Initially step requires that a social media platform is created for the business where business owners can start interacting with audience. Bear in mind that developing a creative design will help in benefiting and promoting business brand. After a short while, social media marketing will help in generating increased traffic for the business.  

More inbound traffic 

Businesses that are running without social media marketing are just inbounded to the usual client traffic. If business owners overlook the presence of social media marketing platforms, there is no exposure and it is not possible to attract clients that are in the outer circle of the business. Generally, every social media account that is added to the current platforms helps in offering opportunities for new clients. Social media may be considered as the meeting point of different people with different backgrounds and behaviors. Different people have varying needs and preferences as well as varying thoughts.  

Improved search engine ranking 

Adding post on social media platforms helps in generating more traffic flow in the business which is important for the success of the business. Advancement in technology also helps in developing creative designs for your brand and services that will help the success of the business. When specializing in digital strategy, this should be done professionally in order to increase page rankings as well as traffic flow to the business. Note that social media does not directly influence social media ranking but the audience seeking for the services and brand from a business using social media posts helps in improving the rankings on social media. In fact, developing a great profile will help in maintaining the top position in the search engines will have a positive impact in the business. There are many more benefits that are enjoyed from specializing in digital strategy for marketing in a business marketing by Clean Sheet .  

An interactive design agent is a digital professional who works for a registered design agency. He has the responsibility of the finished appeal and feel of a website. He produces rough designs for view by potential customers to make it easier in deciding the type of design they would prefer. In summary, his major role is to ensure the website interacts easily with the e-customers. Working with such a marketing agency has merits and demerits. The merits of working with an interactive agent are: 

The advertising goals are met 

Interactive designers are able to come up with designs at a faster rate than if they were produced in-house. Again, they are able to track the performance of the designs and analyze their outcomes. This aids in making recommendations for the improvement of the site which in turn leads to successful marketing. 

Numerous delivery methods 

Owing to the current digital environment, marketing requires to use different delivery techniques so as to succeed. These delivery methods include social media marketing, podcasts, cellphones and digital videos which are highly interactive. 


Due to the follow-ups made by these designers, they are able to use designs that impact directly on the e-consumers’ needs. This, in turn, helps in increasing traffic on your website, a major goal in e-marketing.  

Lead generation effect 

The use of single and double opt-in methods to click and open emails, make subscriptions for newsletters and give complimentary reports makes it easy to develop leads. This is one of the major roles of an interactive design agency. Leads assist in decision making for future marketing strategies and the redesigning of your website.    

Brand development 

As a result of the easy and informative interaction between your website and e-customers, the brand name is enhanced. Customers will always visit websites that are easy to browse. Websites where SEO is not well programmed are slow and tiring to customers making them opt for other sites. A brand strategy agency would be of essence at such a time. 

Shedding the responsibility 

Website owners will most times engage in numerous advertising techniques that make management of the site complicated. This is compounded if you do not have the experts to handle such an environment. As such, a brand-oriented design agency is always the best option in digital marketing. You lay-off the burden of marketing strategies and tools to them. This gives you more time to engage in other activities.  

It is imperative for a website owner to work with a digital marketing agency for them to succeed in their endeavor. A marketing agency should prioritize the interaction between the  

e- customers and your website so as to maintain the traffic and invite more. It is the only way to ensure the growth and development of your website. This is the supreme role of an interactive design agency.  

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The roof is mainly the most neglected part of the house. This may be due to the roof was designed to last for very long. There are however some conditions that might lead to the roof to procrastinate way prior to their entire life cycle, that necessitates regular upkeep of the roof. Here are the top maintenance practices that will make certain that your roofing is in the very best conditions.

Trees around the home may be a major disaster waiting to happen particularly when there are strong winds. Ensure that there are not any branches hanging over the roof. This will guard the roof from collapsing branches and keep the roof free of debris in the tree regarding twigs and leaves. Also, leaves can get stuck at the valleys of the roof causing extra moisture which may get the roof leak through.

Don’t allow snow to accumulate in your roof through the winter. This buildup of snow will increase the burden of the roof which can cause it to cave in. Examine the roof regularly to make sure there is not any snow accumulation anywhere on the roof. If There’s any sweep it off the roof Instantly.   For more info click here:

Ensure your sweep the roof regularly to remove the debris that may collect over time. Also when there was a storm, then make certain you’ve got the roof cleaned to remove the debris that the storm might have swept on your roof. Removing debris maintains the beauty of your roof and guarantees that the roof does not keep extra moisture which could cause rotting or development of mould.

These are an essential portion of your roof. The gutters should be cleaned regularly to ensure that there is not debris clogged everywhere in the computer system. When the gutters aren’t able to move the water correctly, they might lead to damage to the edge of the roof which can then spread to other components.

Whether there are mold and mildew growing on the roof, then it can be a indication of disaster in the future. The mould will force itself to the spaces between the shingles causing the roof to leak. Ensure that the entire mold and mildew growing in the roof is removed. After that, you may use a mold inhibitor over the roof to stop them from growing back again. Install zinc strips at the peak of your roof to protect against a development of mould in the future.

Replace damaged or missing shingles – Owning missing shingles may expose the remaining complete portion of the roof to damage. Make sure that they are replaced in earnest. Also, make sure that any broken shingles have been replaced so that there’s not any damage to the home.